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Posted on 10-30-18, 07:11 pm
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Hiya folks, it's been a while since I really published any of my recent works, so I'm going to go ahead and throw what I've been working on recently to you.

You read it right. I have written a 2D tool that can display (but not edit, just yet!) Super Mario Party boards! It's only been a few weeks since SMP released, so talk about a quick hack.

I plan on a lot of features, such as text editing and more, but for now you can open up the maps in the Archive folder and open up the BEA archive (which the editor supports!) and it will automatically open the data you need.


Official development Discord:

Enjoy ;)
Posted on 10-30-18, 07:40 pm
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Cool! Maybe I can make a hack from this when it's done

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Posted on 10-30-18, 08:21 pm

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You're too good for this world

Gotta buy SMP now I guess...
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Posted on 10-30-18, 08:41 pm
W1 out :)

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You mean Super Mario Party...for Switch? If so: cool!
If not: still cool!

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Posted on 10-30-18, 10:32 pm
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I imagine it's for the DS. It might be for the Wii or Gamecube. If it's for DS, I am totally gonna try it

New Super Mario Bros. U DS:
Posted on 10-31-18, 02:06 am
Thank you

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Nope, that's Super Mario Party for the switch. you can tell because of the names of the boards. Wow. that's cool. Not even a month after the release of the game and we're close to hacking it. I cant even imagine the possibilities.
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