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Posted on 09-21-18, 07:28 pm

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Whata is the use of .nmp and .nmt files and how do I use them? I found them in this hack/page:

Thanks in advance for your help.
Posted on 09-21-18, 09:26 pm

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NMP = Patch for NSMBe5

NMT = Tileset

Do some research, it doesn't hurt to do so.
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Posted on 09-21-18, 09:44 pm
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If you're wanting to play my hack, Go to the "tools" tab in NSMBe 5 while a original NSMB rom is opened. Click patch and chose the .nmp file of New-ish to make a new patched room. Play it with Desmume

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Posted on 09-22-18, 08:51 am
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Just want to mention this: most hackers don't use NMP patches anymore because it cannot apply all changes made to the rom.
Usually, xdelta is used for patching.
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Posted on 09-23-18, 08:13 pm

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For example, .nmp patches can't include ASM hacks. Due to that, ROM hacks that include ASM hacks, are available as Xdelta.
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