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Posted on 06-11-18, 02:44 pm
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Hello everyone,

I think an example explains what I mean:

In one of my levels there is a section where the player takes a lift that moves upwards. Using the offset-settings in the view I was able to make the camera look at what's above Mario. (Usually it would set Mario at the center and everything coming from above can only be seen in the last moments)

Once Mario reaches the top of the hill (the lift was on the hill's left side). he jumps to the right and reaches some mushrooms.
He has to fall down from mushroom to mushroom to get the star coins.

Well, the camera offset that looks above Mario is a problem because Mario has to see where he is falling at.

Is there any way to either use multiple offset settings or to use the camera in this way with other sprites?
(oh yeah, if you don't know what I'm talking about then I'm sorry, but I really have no idea how to explain my problem differently)


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Posted on 06-11-18, 07:08 pm
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The best you could do in this case would probably be to not offset the camera at all.
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