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Posted on 02-09-18, 02:06 am (rev. 1 by DerpFox Game Studios on 02-10-18, 01:38 am)
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I have imported SMB2 Tiles. This is my first tileset. I thought it was pretty good.



Edit: I have updated the tiles. I colored them like the NSMB tiles and added the 'athletic' tileset. Also removed unnessesary tiles.
Posted by poudink
also this clashes with NSMB art style.

Question: Does the new shading make it clash less?
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Posted on 02-09-18, 03:22 am

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Quite a few left over tiles.

You can cut down more than enough, it's just redundant to have that many and you'll have more space to add things.

But this is a good starting place.

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Posted on 02-09-18, 01:18 pm
Dry Bones
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also this clashes with NSMB art style.
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