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Posted on 01-29-18, 04:22 pm (rev. 1 by HackLuigi on 01-29-18, 04:23 pm)
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I think a editor on Android Can be good.
It is possible because phone have now good system
Posted on 01-29-18, 04:47 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
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I don't think so. Phones have small screens, and you cannot specify one point with your huge thumb. Phone screens cannot handle such complicated jobs such as modifying sprite raw data and stuff.

Most importantly, nobody is developing the editor now. As  Dirbaio said when he made the NSMBe DS, maintaining and coding two versions of the editor is not fun. It does not worth it.
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Posted on 01-29-18, 05:07 pm
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Another coder can make it.
P.S , The Ds editor corrupt my ROM.
Posted on 01-29-18, 08:14 pm
Red Paratroopa
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You could try using the DS Editor on Drastic, but it didnt work for me, probably there is some file missing.
Posted on 01-29-18, 10:24 pm
Giant Goomba
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considering nobody is even working on the PC editor anymore, it'd be surprising that an Android editor comes out, especially considering it'd be really only useful to people without PCs.
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Posted on 01-30-18, 10:09 am
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There is some emulator of Android
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