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Posted on 01-28-18, 12:39 pm (rev. 3 by  Hiccup on 01-28-18, 01:16 pm)

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Do you have any in-game downloads of the official levels from Super Mario Maker, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars or Pushmo World?
When talking about official Mario Maker levels, I also include any by official Nintendo Miiverse accounts.
These are the official Nintendo Miiverse account I know have SMM levels:
* NintendoChris
* NintendoAmy
* kitosan
* breath0air

I'm trying to collecting them to:
A. preserve them
B. compare different downloads to see if Nintendo ever updated the levels
C. see if they contain any unused content (unused areas, metadata)

You'll need homebrew on your Wii U/3DS to extract the save data (they contain the levels) but it isn't that difficult to do. You need a way to run the "Checkpoint" homebrew (for 3DS) or the "SaveMii Mod" homebrew (for Wii U) homebrew. I can help with this if need be.

P.S. if you have old downloads of "official levels" from any other game, I may also be interested, so please post if you do.
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Posted on 01-28-18, 05:15 pm

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My friend's Wii U and 3DS had most of the Mario Maker levels saved.
Unfortunetly his Wii U doesn't display anything on the TV anymore (gamepad doesn't connect either) and we're still looking for his 3DS.
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Posted on 01-29-18, 12:54 pm
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I might have a few Tipping Stars official levels. Will have to check.
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