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Posted on 12-08-17, 03:43 am (rev. 2 by  newluigidev on 12-08-17, 03:53 am)
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I'm surprised that NOBODY over the years has ever made a save editor for this game. Well, now there is! NSMBDS SE can edit all 3 files in the game with the following options:

Life Count
Coin Count
Star Coins
Mario/Luigi's current powerup
Inventory item
Bottom Screen BG

It can also unlock all the worlds in the game, as well as all the levels. (Be warned, as unlocking all the levels without unlocking the worlds first results in some small weird things that occur on the worldmap!)

How to use? Dump a .SAV file. (currently no support for other save types) To get your .SAV savefile, you can choose 'Export Backup Memory' in DeSmuME, use TWLTool on your 3DS with homebrew, or however else you wish/know how to retrieve a .SAV save from NSMBDS.


You can download v1.0 right here:

Oh and, thanks to these awesome people for their help!
 RoadrunnerWMC: Checksum RE & Python script, code help
shibboleet: Savefile documentation
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Posted on 12-08-17, 09:00 am
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The program is great, but the star coin number doesn't seem to be working.
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Posted on 12-08-17, 09:15 am
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Yeah, I had issues with that too. I'm not sure why it does that, I'll look into it.
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Posted on 12-17-17, 06:07 pm (rev. 1 by  dreamydude on 12-17-17, 06:08 pm)
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i think you should add a level select in wich you select wich starcoins you have in a ceretain level, but that would probably be a lot of work

anyways, keep doin' what youre doing
Posted on 12-17-17, 06:11 pm
Buzzy Beetle

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Yes, you're right about that.
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Posted on 12-17-17, 08:17 pm

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It actually shouldn't be that much work.

It's not like NLD has to do it seperatly for each save/level like he did the existing stuff
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Posted on 12-18-17, 02:00 am

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Wow, nice work!
oh no
Posted on 12-22-17, 09:43 am

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Oh boy this is what we didn't knew we needed but now we need
Good job👍
Posted on 12-08-18, 07:29 pm

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Hey I have an issue. When I edit my sav file, and load the file in-game, I get a black screen. Anyone else get this issue? I'm using the 3Years of NSMBHD rom I made from the 3Years patch I downloaded from here.
Posted on 02-06-19, 02:42 pm
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The link won't load. Could you use MediaFire or something?
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Posted on 02-06-19, 03:17 pm
Fuzz Ball
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It works for me.
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Posted on 04-08-19, 03:21 am

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Hello again community, I just download the nsmbds save editor onto my computer so I can unlock all the exits/worlds. I followed all the procedures and loaded the .sav file into the editor. I unlocked all the exits/worlds on the editor and put the file back into the micro sd(I'm using an r4). Whenever I load the file on the game that I'm playing, I get a black screen and the game freezes. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but if I am, can someone plz help. Thx.
Posted on 04-09-19, 09:03 pm
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Wa it's good! I will test it now! For the new ones that are developing it's good so we don't have to do all levels again and again
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I also have a discord server for it so you can talk with me or suggest things.

New world ( 2 ) is almost finished. the world 1 was updated

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