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Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon is a fan-made sequel to Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Freshened up from their last adventure, Mario and the gang decide to explore a small remote location called Evershade Isles. However, in the midst of their expedition, Mario goes missing! Looks like it's up to Luigi to save the day!

  • Luigi as the star of the show
  • Wario as a playable character in multiplayer
  • 8 new unique levels
  • 24 tricky star coins to collect
  • a shiny new map
  • various recolored objects
  • ...and much more!



Trailer #1 (7/22/17)

Trailer #2 (10/1/17)

Release Trailer (10/13/17)

The Team
(in no particular order)

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Adventure Time is over and I'm sad.

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Looks nice!

Maybe you need Newer Team's permission to do this though? I don't know.

Edit-i think you still need the Nintendo copyright since you didn't make nsmbwii

Also: Wario! Thats really cool. (Maybe waluigi would be better because he just would)
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Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon is now available to download! Have fun guys!

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i think you still need the Nintendo copyright since you didn't make nsmbwii
You don't need Nintendo's permission to make the hack. How rom hacks are distributed are by ips patches. So you are not distributing the rom of the game, only the edits you made. Then you use the rom and the ips patch in a program and it applies the edits giving you the rom hack legally.
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Tho removing their copyright is bad practice as you should remember who had the most work with the game.
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Posted on 10-15-17, 07:10 am
Beyond DS and Project Tape

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Gamer Boy has updated the game, so the link above is dead. Here is the new link found in the description in the video: Click me.
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