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Posted on 08-11-17, 06:09 pm

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I have create my own level, but my level Progress is already on the start also when I activated an Checkpoint. What I can do?
(sorry for the bad english but I am German and my English is not the best)
I hope you can answer me
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Posted on 08-11-17, 10:16 pm
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Did you set a progress path? If you did, make sure the view uses the correct id for it
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Posted on 08-12-17, 04:16 am

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But what ID Number I must use? 1 and 2 is false because when I use this ID Number the level progress only flah and go not away
Posted on 08-12-17, 08:12 am

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If the progress path has an ID of 0, then set that as the progress path ID for the view
If the progress path has an ID of 1, then set that as the progress path ID for the view
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Posted on 08-12-17, 12:30 pm

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But the error is still present (see photo)
Posted on 08-12-17, 02:03 pm
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if you have multiple views (and areas), you need to have path ID 1 linked to the first view, 2 to the second, ect. until there's no moore areas/views using paths in the level.

and you NEED the path id to match the one the view will rely on, no matter what.

not sure I explained that right.
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