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Posted on 08-06-16, 02:17 pm (rev. 3 by joelcanciones on 08-06-16, 04:39 pm)

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hi: Fortress of world 7 in this hack has the lava-water glitch in the part with the starman at the beginnin and som boos and flamethrowers.

Also, please hekp me with this. No matter how much I have searched for the room that has Star Coin 1 of the first fortress of world 8 I have not been able to get to it. I think the level has an error that makes the last door take me to the green moving blocks part instead of the first Star Coin. Is it just me or the level indeed has this error?

Please also help me with level 8-8. I couldn't find the location for Star Coins 2 and 3 even with the help of your guide.

Thanks for your help.

Posted on 08-07-16, 04:22 pm (rev. 6 by  pinet on 08-13-16, 06:26 pm)

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Hello Joel Canciones,
All bugs fixed
Please, tell me if you find more bugs.

The updates are showed on the main post

The logs are showed on the log post

Thank you very much for find these bugs.
Posted on 12-26-16, 07:27 am
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Please answer my question, pinet MASTER!
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May I ask how to put the title page of a level before the level starts? And what about the character selection (Mario and Luigi)?

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Posted on 12-26-16, 11:45 am
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Posted on 01-28-18, 10:21 am (rev. 2 by DeadSkullzJr on 01-28-18, 11:15 am)

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I encountered an issue with the ROM hack. For whatever reason the ROM hack has the game ID ">FHC". This is problematic when generating cheat files with the Game ID being the name of the cheat file. Please fix the ID, thank you.

I fixed it myself, I changed the game ID from >FHC to XFHC. Here is the patch for the fix:!tcBk0CYL!T6s7x8-XNqp6BN-kz2Jmlszz2af5C4dwBcIiIIqnqeY
Posted on 01-29-18, 12:51 pm
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Solution: don't use cheats.
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