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More Super Mario "Bras." BE DS

Worlds: overview
W1: Same Grass
W2: Cough Country
W3: Wet Plans
W4: Small Big Country
W5: Co-Cold Land
W6: Styrofoam Stone
W7: SkyNet Land
W8:Burned Butt World

With 8 (eight) complete worlds, More Super Mario "Bras." Beginners Edition DS is a patch to add into the original New Super Mario Bros game for DS, to create a new game with new levels. Released in October/2015 for the Nintendo DS/3DS. More Super Mario Bros ("Bras.") DS is a free open source hack, and the patch can be downloaded HERE.

The game also features a customized multiplayer levels for two players. "More Super Mario Bras." was made thinking on younger and inexperienced players. However, during the development of the levels, the brazilian team decided to leave the game a little bit harder. See some drafts. This hack uses a minimum of imported tilesets. Most levels have been built with the original tilestes. The design of the levels try to enjoy and make the most of originality and creativity with the pre-existing material.

Level Information

Level Description
Front Box Art
Date: October-2015
Type: Hack Variation
Assembled: Brazil
System: Nintendo DS
Last Update: (Jan 26, 2016)
Single Levels: level-list (edit only what you want)
Stable Releases:
msmbbevs103i (vs 1.3i 01.2016 deprecated)
msmbbevs104b (vs 1.4b 07.2016 deprecated)
msmbra_vs104c (vs 1.4c 08.2016 new version)
msmbra_vs104c_ico (vs 1.4c 08.2016 flashcard icon)
World 1: Same Grass
The basic grassland world. The first level has a similar look, but with special features. The other levels have different layouts and different outputs. The Cannon level have special view and leads to the worlds 2, 3, 4 and 5.
World 2: Cough Country
Just as the first world, some level resembles what the player have seen over here and there, with many adaptations. But other levels has the peculiarity of not to be like the same bullshit at first look, proving to be very different along the way. The Cannon level returns Mario to World 1 and leads to the Worlds 3, 4 and 5.
World 3: Wet Plans
World 3 is the first world in this hack that have a ghost house with an external layout. The levels are considerably different from the original game. It introduces several new levels as an interesting pipe maze and fully submerged castles.
World 4: Small Big Country
World 4 introduces several new levels. The player will face views that alternate between large and small, underground and water, on the ground and in the sky, and new layouts castles. Several secret entrances and hidden warpzones within the levels. The Cannon Level leads to world 5, 6 and 7, and have a normal exit too.
World 5: Co-Cold Land
World 5 features redesigned levels and levels of the labyrinth. It also presents a special level in tribute to the old Mario games on flat screen.
World 6: Styrofoam Stone
The world of mountains and very very high spaces. This world contains many new levels and secret passages. The 6-A level has a cannon for the world 7.
World 7: SkyNet Land
The clouds world has levels in the soil too. Among the features, there is the Haunted (Ghost) House with outside views and the use of loop sprites in the tower level.
World 8: Burned Butt World
It has completely redesigned levels, reusing and mixing tilesets from other worlds. Exclusive for the Final Castle, the player can choose from three completely different paths to work around and the final three different views for the final battle. Each one with not the same difficulty for each path chosen. There are two versions of the game for World 8. Version 1.3h is difficult and very hard. The version 1.4 is easy and decrease the game length.

Path download:
msmbbevs103i vs 1.3i 01.2016 (deprecated)
msmbbevs104b vs 1.4b 07.2016 (deprecated)
msmbra_vs104c vs 1.4c 08.2016 (new version)
msmbra_vs104c_ico vs 1.4c 08.2016 (with flashcard icon)

Level previews pics:
post #46260

October 2015 - More Super Mario "Bras" Hack. All characters belong to Nintendo. This is a non profit hack game. The team is not liable for damage resulting from misuse of this software if you use non original ROMs. Buy the original game to add this mod.
(*) vs104c_ico have a personalized flahscard icon but levels cannot be open anymore on NSMBe.

Posted on 10-25-15, 01:17 pm
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I looked up some of the level descriptions on your website and I really like your different level ideas. The idea of implenting a big/small world is nothing new but I can't remember seeing the idea of choosing which way you want to go.
Also the Ghost-House which you have to enter first before going inside is a cool idea.
I haven't played it yet but this looks definitely like a very good hack.
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Posted on 10-25-15, 01:58 pm
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I can see that you've spent much time at making that first post xD. What I really like is that it kinda looks like those games advertisement leaflets, with those screenshots and encouraging descriptions which show what to expect in this hack and make you wanting to play this game.

I also haven't played it yet, but I definitely will.
Posted on 10-25-15, 05:34 pm
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Definitely looks promising. I'd be looking forward to play this... if only I could

The idea of a ghost house with the exterior and these world names are interesting.
Posted on 10-25-15, 07:39 pm (rev. 38 by  Hiccup on 10-26-15, 01:52 pm)

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I'm going to have a go at this. Nice website and thread! I look forward to the rotating levels


Comments so far...
* You can see some of the original levels in the new levels. Not too much of a
problem, but...
* Some of the W1 levels are a bit hard for W1
* 1-1 has some tiling issues
* 1-Tower doesn't have the right sound set for stomping on dry bones
* You can get hurt right at the start of 1-A if you do nothing. Also, one of the pipes is only two tiles high, which means that Mario's feet can be seen. make the pipe longer, add a pipe junction or make sure the bottom of the pipe is off screen.
* Same with 1-5. And doesn't this level have a few too many 1-Ups. Will I need that many?!
* Tile lava in 1-Castle isn't animated, and the second star coin requires 0 effort to get. You can't even avoid it! Also, it isn't entirely clear that the yellow pipe is one-way, so you might miss the third star coin.
* 1-2 and 2-1 are a bit similar. But this isn't too bad.
* Some parts of levels are empty. Just small distances, but still empty.
* Enjoyable so far though!
* 2-2 doesn't have the right sound set for amps or spiked balls, and the quicksand ends too quickly: you should make it longer.
* In 2-3, some of the "connected pipes" let you spawn right into a goomba.
* The climbing koopas in 2-Castle appear in front of the fence even when they are climbing behind it. Also, the bouncy bubble things can be got rid of by ground pounding on them. Maybe you should put some solid blocks there to prevent that? Wrong sound set for snake block noise. If you go back after using the Mega Mushroom, you will get hurt or die going across the spikes as non-mega mario. The boss music starts before the boss starts, then when you get to the boss, it stops for a few seconds then starts, as normal.
* I liked how you used snake blocks like they were used most of the time in NSMB2.
* If the mega mushroom despawns, by you going off screen or it falling down a put, you are stuck.
* You can see the bottom of a signboard/s, bill blaster/s and pipe/s in 4-2.
* In 4-Tower, you can't win if bowser jr falls off.
* You can go through the cannon in 4-cannon. You can see past some tiles if you go in certain cannon/s
Posted on 10-26-15, 07:06 am
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Moved to the main forum. Excellent work so far, just needs some fine-tuning. This is still in beta, right?
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Posted on 10-26-15, 01:27 pm
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Seems nice so far, although I only played the first level due to my phone running DraStic like crap(my computer was confiscated and I have no flashcarts), however I plan on playing more of it once I get my computer back.
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Hello Hiccup. You did an excellent technical analysis from different levels of this release.
Editing same post to prevent scrolling.

Last Releases (see top post thread for download):
MSMBBEvs104b vs 1.4c 08.2016 expanded pack
MSMBBEvs104b vs 1.4b 07.2016 deprecated
MSMBBEvs103i vs 1.3i 01.2016 deprecated

Log MSMBBEvs104c (new version)
- Skawo's boot screen code
- Quality control by Joel Canciones
- 2-1: deadlock checkpoint
- 7-T: water-lava glitch
- 8-T1: missing star coin 1
- 8-8: missing star coin 2 and 3
- 8-T2: update member name
- Title Screen - update build

Log MSMBBEvs104b (deprecated)
- All levels with Skawo's code Level Previews
- All levels with Skawo's code Select Player Option
- Bug fixes
- Minor adjustments
- Some levels redesigned, or expanded with alternative paths.
- 1-3: alternative water level path
- 2-2: alternative vertical level path
- 2-4: improved and alternative path
- 3-2: alternative vertical level path
- 3-Cannon: improved
- 3-G.House: alt. surface expanded path
- 4-2: expanded with alt. path
- 5-2: alt. water level path
- 7-1: expanded with alt. vert. area
- 7-2: add simple bonus room
- 8-3: expanded with alt. path

Log MSMBBEvs104a (World 8 - deprecated)
- Star Coins bug fixed from: W3-A, W6-6 and W7-5.
Thanks to joelcanciones

Log MSMBBEvs103i (World 8 - hard game)
- Star Coins bug fixed from: W3-A, W6-6 and W7-5.
Thanks to joelcanciones

Log MSMBBEvs104 (World 8 - easy game)
- no bug found (at momment)

Log MSMBBEvs103h (World 8 - hard game)
- no bug found (at momment)

Log MSMBBEvs103g (discontinued)
- 7-6: view on normal exit glitch fixed.
- 7-7: star-coin 3 glitch fixed.

Log MSMBBEvs103f (discontinued)
- 2-6: unbeatable problem fixed.

Log MSMBBEvs103d (discontinued)
- 8-T2: Hiccup as QCM in Pre-Credits Zone.
- 1-T: sound set fixed 7 to 1E.
- 1-A: buzzy fixed, pipe size fixed.
- 1-Castle: inanimate lava to spike in v0, and sprite 234 in v2.
- 1-5: same opinion but, desire of the sponsors.
- 2-2A1: sound set fixed for amps.
- 2-2A2: sand fixed, but no combination found to fix balls with music. Any help?
- 2-3: goomba spawn fixed.
- 2-Castle: redesigned, but no combination found to fix green bricks with bullet bills. Any help?
- 4-2: redesigned.
- 4-T: bug not found, can't reproduce the bug.
- 4-Cannon: redesigned.
- 7-4: fixed.

[] -P
Posted on 10-30-15, 11:18 am

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If you want . I'll try and find some time to do more of the levels today.
Posted on 10-31-15, 01:57 pm

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In 7-4 you can get completly stuck if you start the level as mini mario
Posted on 11-10-15, 12:44 pm (rev. 1 by  pinet on 11-18-15, 08:48 pm)

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Dear managers and moderators,
I would like to know if the illustrious members found or were reported, starting at this moment, about eventual impactfull discrepancies or unplayable errors in this version, because I'd like to update the beta version to the final release version.

Since already thank you all very much,
Waiting for your feedback...

Posted on 11-20-15, 07:45 pm

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Upgrading to the release version.
No fatal errors was reported.
Or because no one has found or because everyone went out ...
Posted on 11-28-15, 10:25 am
for MC in range(708):

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This hack looks really good!
Posted on 12-03-15, 12:23 pm
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Negative rating from me because you removed Nintendo's copyright notice. The game doesn't magically belong to you because you hacked it.
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Posted on 12-03-15, 11:38 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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You can actually replace it by both Nintendo and your name, it would fix it. It doesn't look much good on the screenhot anyway.
Posted on 12-04-15, 12:25 am (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:17 am)

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It is a great pleasure this humble MSMBRA version may have the honor of receiving the sincere and true impression, from the highest ranking officer of this site, StapleButter. The team received their appointments like high praise, because we never thought that this small and insignificant variant could call attention to such noble member of this community, because we consider that there are many other hacks much more professional and more quality, like those made by great masters find in the List of Finished Hacks. We received with concern and are willing to constant improvement. I give all reason to distinguished member and I ask my most sincere apologies.

The credit of the original game, of course, it's all from Nintendo. The fact that the title be this way is a very funny story. This release, is actually derived from a previous adaptation of a hack named NSMBBE (discontinued), with the aim of leaving the game easier for someone with 4 or 5 years old. Two friends, enthusiasts who also have children, but they do not know anything about programming, offered symbolic sponsorship in exchange for a Super Mario "Tupiniquim" version. The development of this variant subsequently kept the focus on development levels, leaving the title in the background. With the deadline tight, minor adjustments were made to the title enough nut form, say by the way, and the title of MSMBRA was virtually identical to NSMBBE. I confess that I myself did not like the name at the specified location right now. The rest of the team also complained before because everyone wanted to also be entered at the title screen. But two factors have contributed to make it that way. The first was for lack of time and the second for lack of knowledge.

The team would like to place on record a thank you to StapleButter for providing this little text space, and remember that the name of this honorable member is included in the 8-T2 "Pre-Credits Zone" level as a way to show our gratitude. We also want to note that the MSMBRA front title art is temporary and will be modified to fit the copyrights to their proper places, in the next update.

Thank you all,
I wish you a golden cup,
[] -P

The author of this post apologizes for any English mistakes. The text of this post was written on a Brazilian-English language. For this reason, some content may have a slight difference interpretations according to the player's region.
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