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Posted on 11-08-12, 06:04 pm
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The camera doesn't pan up enough in the entire ruins area. Look how close Mario has to get to the top of the screen before it pans up. Considering there's plenty of vertical climbing with Boomerang Bros above you, this is a problem. You can avoid blind jumps by not putting them in, or adjusting the bottom camera offset. In the 80 levels that come with the game, there aren't many blind jumps because they were designed to avoid them. I don't know what else to tell you about avoiding blind jumps other than not to put them in.

And the camera jumps around specifically around the first star coin. It doesn't matter if you designed it that way because it looks bad. There was another part where the camera did that but I can't remember and I don't want to play through the level again to find it.
Posted on 11-08-12, 06:11 pm
Roy Koopa

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I was able to find only ONE blind jump (the secret with the red coin ring). And even there have been coins, which usually always lead to a save place. About the camera problems: I think it scrolls perfectly, only the camera at the beginning was a bit crazyif you jumped into the top right corner (I think you know what I mean).

So I have no idea how you can say that the camera and the jumps are a problem.
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Posted on 11-09-12, 01:16 am
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So, let's get over this silly drama. The camera in  Freeze's level can certainly be improved (it jumps in some places due to the scroll sprites) but it's not that bad either. And there's no need to get pissed off at someone critiquing your levels.

Everyone who still hasn't written their deadlines has time until next Tuesday. (That includes me.)
If anyone wants to fix stuff in their critiques, that's OK too.

Posted on 11-09-12, 06:49 am (rev. 1 by Garmichael on 11-09-12, 06:51 am)
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I'm running this contest, so this is my decision. Critiques are VERY poor this time around. There're plenty of issues where one level gets a perfect score even though it has misplaced tiles yet another level with a few misplaced tiles gets points taken off, or a level with "MAJOR CAMERA ISSUES!" loses a single point but another level with no polish issues gets multiple points off with no explanation for it.

It's OBVIOUS many of the critiques are biased towards friends.

This has never happened before, and it's a sign of very bad sportsmanship. All the complaining about critiques has gotten old, too.

So critiques are changing. Here are the new rules:

1. Choose the Top 3 levels and number them in order (1 = 1st place). You cannot include your level in the top 3.
2. Each #1 gets 3 points, each #2 gets 2 points, and each #3 gets 1 point.
3. After everyone chooses their top 3, I will total up everyone's points and list them. It's up to @Dirbaio to decide either which levels make it to the Community Remix or to come up with a way to decide. I don't care or have any authority over which levels go into the Remix, regardless of final scores.
4. I don't give a damn how you decide the top 3. By this point, it's clear it has nothing to do with the actual quality of the levels, and has everything to do with who you like best, so if you want to vote that way and sacrifice your integrity, fine, do that.

The deadline for the Top 3 is Sunday at midnight Pacific Time. Click here for a countdown timer.

Anyone who doesn't choose a top 3 by this time will be automatically disqualified.

Finally, ANY further posts in this thread that are not Top 3 critiques will be deleted.
Posted on 11-09-12, 06:56 am

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Alright, ill choose this top 3:

1. 1-5 (Piranhaplant's level)

2. 2-3 (TRS level)

3. 2-4 (Garmichael's level)

Posted on 11-09-12, 07:00 am
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I have chosen a top 3:

1. 1-5 (PiranhaPlant)
2. 1-2 (Freeze)
3. 2-3 (TRS)
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Posted on 11-09-12, 07:00 am
Roy Koopa
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1: Gridatttack's level
2: PiranhaPlant's level
3: Fr33ze's level
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Posted on 11-09-12, 07:32 am (rev. 1 by Garmichael on 11-09-12, 07:33 am)
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My Top 3:

1. Gridattack
2. PirhanhaPlant
3. TRS

Also, only people who have posted a level can put a top 3, except for Treeki, since this is sort of his world.
Posted on 11-09-12, 02:32 pm (rev. 2 by  MarioSunshine on 11-10-12, 03:51 am)
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1. Piranhaplant's level
2. Freeze's level
3. Gridatttack's level

I'm astonished about new critique rule, luckily I've checked this thread before posting critique.

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Posted on 11-09-12, 03:43 pm

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1. MarioSunshine
2. Piranhaplant
3. Gridatttack

blablablabla (post too short)
Posted on 11-09-12, 07:30 pm
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1. Garmichael
2. Piranhaplant
3. Gridatttack.

But this system of doing critiques is not the best
Lots of levels at the bottom are going to get 0 points.
But well, who cares
Posted on 11-09-12, 08:14 pm
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Yeah Dirbaio, like mine!

Critiques: (not about friends)

1: Gridattack (2-Tower)
2: MarioSunshine (2-1)
3: Garmichael (2-4)

In fact, I'm more on level designing, so that means I don't care about difficulty and minor glitches, or misplaced tiles, but on creativity and originality.
Posted on 11-10-12, 12:36 am (rev. 1 by  Piranhaplant on 11-10-12, 12:36 am)
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1. gridatttack
2. Garmichael
3. TRS
Posted on 11-10-12, 02:07 am
Doesn't actually do anything.

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So wait, I'm not even allowed to post my unfinished critiques? ...if you say so.

Anyway, uh...

1. Piranhaplant (overall best level of the contest)
2. Garmichael (making a forest with the grassland tileset was pretty creative)
3. Gridattack (best atmosphere by far, but much of this was due to using the ruins tileset for the midway instead of the grassland one)
Posted on 11-12-12, 11:34 pm

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Maybe this is a bit predictable. But oh well, it works :p

#1: gridatttack
#2: Garmichael
#3: Piranhaplant
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Posted on 11-12-12, 11:39 pm
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I PMed Hiccup 24 hours ago and he said he would do top 3, but he hasn't yet, so I'm calling the end of the contest.

Here are the final rankings:

1. PirhanhaPlant: 21
2. Gridatttack: 18
3. Garmichael: 12

4. TRS: 5
5. Freeze: 5
6. MarioSunshine: 5
7. MarioFantatic64: 0
8. RiksKing: 0
9. Dirbaio: 0
10. Hiccup: 0
11. Py_hacker: 0

If you got 0 points, that doesn't mean that your level was 100% bad, just that no one put it in their top 3 favorite levels.

If any one now wants to post their full critiques with scores but didn't get to, you can do it now if you want to.
Posted on 11-13-12, 08:19 am

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D'oh, sorry.
I will next contest.
Posted on 01-19-24, 12:33 pm

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I will compete too
Posted on 01-19-24, 03:11 pm
Nah, I'd win

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yeah me too, such a good idea
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