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Posted on 08-11-14, 09:15 am in Useful stuff for NSMB hacking (rev. 27 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 07-16-18, 11:40 am)

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And after a lot of “What should I use to do X?” and such, I feel the urge of making a list of all the stuff needed for making an hack.


NSMBe: The program that we all know and that is required to make a decent hack. Initially made by Treeki, Dirbaio and piranhaplant continued it. You can also contribute to it on GitHub.
Download - Video tutorials

Google: One of the most famous Search engine that in this case can be used to search the NSMB ROM. I think that you already know the link to it.


DesMuMe JIT: Probably one of the best Nintendo DS emulators lurking on the net. Unfortunately the normal version works well only on new (or high-end) computers, but the JIT (Just-In-Time recompiler) version can work well also on old (lower-end) computer. To know how to activate the JIT recompiler, look at this small tutorial.
Download - Open ROM and play, it's not that difficult.

No$Zoomer: If you have a really bad computer (like a Netbook), then try this. Some stuff won't display correctly, but atleast you can do something. You can also remove the annoying sound by going on the "Other" tab and clicking "Noise Suppression".
Download - Same thing for DesMuMe JIT.


GIMP: Probably the best tileset making tool…it has (almost) all the features of Photoshop and it’s completely free.
Download - Tutorial

Paint.NET: A good alternative for Gimp. Can’t tell exactly what it has different from GIMP…so you should try it by yourself.
Download - A small tutorial made by hamza62240

NSMB Titlescreen Editor: A well-working and user-friendly C# program that allows you to edit the titlescreen by simply dragging your logo, made in a graphics creating program, on the program. This program was made by an user here at the NSMBHD community called RicBent for those ones that have problems in solving the puzzle when editing the titlescreen in NSMBe.
Link to the thread which also contains download and screenshots - The tutorial is in the program.


VGMTrans : A tool to listen and extract the various songs of a game.
Download - It’s so simple to use that it doesn’t need a tutorial.

FLStudio: A good program to create your MIDI compositions.
Download - Tutorial for creating MIDI compositions and another tutorial for obtaining MIDI Music from other platforms

Anvil Studio: An alternative for FLStudio. Simple to use, I guess.
Download - You can find some tutorials on the Anvil Studio’s website.

Hex Editing

Hex Workshop: A good tool to do hex editing should try it.
Download – No tutorial…if somebody find (or makes) a tutorial for it, well tell it to me.

XVI32: A good alternative to Hex Workshop. It’s not better, but it still has the important features.
Download – For the tutorial…well, same thing of Hex Workshop.

HxD: Another hex editor, with all the basic features. Suggested by  SaturnYoshi and  MercuryPenny.

ASM hacking

DevKitPro: A program for ASM stuff...I don't know much of ASM, so discover it by yourself.
Download - Tutorial (kind of)

ASM hacking project template: The template contains everything you need to start creating ASM hacks. That's it.

No$Gba Debug version: So...according to this thread the No$Gba Debug version is super useful for ASM hacking, can see how your ASM hacks work, I guess?
Download - If somebody understands how this...thing works, please tell it to me.


NDS Editor (or kiwi.ds) : A tool for opening and exporting the stuff in a ROM…what else.
Download - It’s so simple to use that it doesn’t need a tutorial.

Worldmap Editor: The tool that everybody was waiting for! An overworld editor for NSMB! Unfortunately, it's in an alpha stage, and you can only edit the placement of the points, and which ones they unlock once the level to which they're assigned is completed.
Download - Tutorial is in the linked post.

Naturally it's not complete, if somebody has some suggestions for this...feel free to tell them in the discussion.
Posted on 06-06-14, 05:18 pm in tutorial How to import/export xDelta patches (rev. 17 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 07-16-18, 10:54 am)

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If you're here, it's probably because you're wondering how are you supposed to patch them. Well, you're lucky, my friend! Because, today I'm gonna show how import and export (patch and create) an .xdelta patch!

How to import an .xdelta patch:

1. In the patch section, browse through the file explorer and select the patch that you downloaded.
2. As the source file, you should choose a clean NSMB ROM. Don't ask where you should download it...Google is your friend.
3. Finally, in the output section, decide where you want to save the hack. Remember to add the .nds extension, at the end of the name!

Simple, isn't it? Now, let's say, you want to share an .xdelta patch of your hack.

How to export an .xdelta patch:

1. Go on the "Create Patch" tab.
2. The "Original File", again, should be a clean NSMB ROM. Ask Google for it.
3. The "Modified File", instead, should be the NSMB ROM that you hacked. With all the edited levels, graphics, etc.
4. Lastly, as the name implies, in the "Patch Destination" choose where you want to save your patch. Feel free to share it with the community!

There ends the tutorial. I hope it was useful!

Posted on 09-09-14, 10:36 am in Exiting from a level...with Toadsworth (rev. 11 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:05 am)

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Playing around with sprites and their settings, I tried to use Toadsworth in a tower level. While changing his animation to "Background chooser" so that we wouldn't block the entire level, and I noticed that there was also another setting called "Unused".

I wanted to see how did it work, so I changed the setting to "Unused" instead. I started the ROM, stumbled into 1-Tower and here's what happened...

This bug only makes you exit from the level and return to the overworld, but sadly it doesn't mark the level as finished. Theorically this is the thing that makes you exit from a mushroom house after that you finish the minigame, but it works bad in normal levels...infact it makes you exit from the level after that 3 seconds, so it's useless. It works on the "most used for hacking" NSMB versions, European and American ones. Korean and Japanese versions still needs testing, blame me for that.

And here's some other wacky stuff that you can do with this bug.

P.S: I also checked out in Sprite DB how the Toadsworth was described and guess what? Lies and lies about the "Unused" actually says "What is the unused type? Well, it makes glitchy blocks that do nothing. Never use it."
I'm not sure if it really makes glitchy blocks in levels that aren't towers...oh well, I should find that out by myself soon.Yep, it works in every type of level.

Download of the .nml of the level...for those who don't believe:

And, if this thing was already discovered, please don't hate me.

Posted on 08-06-14, 08:02 am in The Random YouTube thread!

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Something interesting about Nintendo's 2012 E3.

Posted on 08-21-14, 10:50 am in Funny picture (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:04 am)

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Shamelessly reviving this thread with a picture that tells the truth about the rings in Sonic's games.

Posted on 11-05-14, 07:10 pm in Story/Text

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Well, the L+R+A to play as Luigi code could be disabled via ASM hacking or Luigi could be replaced with another character of the Mushroom Daisy.

However, as  SaturnYoshi said, the story is a bit be in an usual Mario game. Luigi wouldn't never be an enemy...after all, he's designed to be Mario's faithful bro that would never betray him.
Posted on 06-04-14, 02:55 pm in 26%v0.3.0 Mario Brothers Super Star (rev. 1 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 06-04-14, 02:55 pm)

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Nice overworld...but too less onions ...just kidding
It'd be nice to know how you do awesome overworlds like that
Posted on 06-16-14, 06:24 am in Surprise Incoming (rev. 2 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 06-20-14, 12:44 pm)

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I'm not understanding...
Send levels to the staff but for what purpose?
There is the NSMB Community Remix...
Oh well,I'm starting to work on a level
I'll send it as soon as I finish the level!
Posted on 06-16-14, 07:23 am in Surprise Incoming (rev. 1 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 06-20-14, 12:44 pm)

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Posted by shaddow24
How do we send our levels to them? And how much time do we have?
Just upload a patch of your level to the uploader and...
Posted by MarioFanatic64
post a download link to it in this thread!

But I don't have any idea on how much time we have to make the levels...
Posted on 06-17-14, 05:23 pm in Surprise Incoming (rev. 4 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 06-20-14, 12:44 pm)

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After a lot of effort and dedication,here's my first custom NSMB level.
I thought that I would make a mess(like enemies placed randomly and no-sense tileset placement),but it turned out pretty well.
I edited 1-1 but I think that this level would fit better in 1-4...oh well...
Credit to  Pedroalone for the grassland tileset.(If you're asking if I asked  Pedroalone if I could borrow his tileset,yes,I asked him )
Here's the video:

And here's the download link:
Posted on 06-19-14, 10:42 am in Surprise Incoming (rev. 1 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 06-20-14, 12:44 pm)

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Posted by Izmirnator
I have some few questions about it.

Does Remake Levels counts? How many Levels can we created?

From all that I know I can say that:
Remake levels are old fashioned and I don't think that the staff will include them in this project.
I think that we can create how many levels we want but we shouldn't exceed the 80 levels limit...
Just an opinion...
Posted on 06-22-14, 05:28 pm in Surprise Incoming (rev. 3 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 06-23-14, 10:27 am)

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I had so much fun making my first level that I decided to make another NSMB custom level!
So after a lot of work,here it is...
Maybe it's worse than my first level,but I'll try to improve my level design and make better custom levels...

Here's the video...

...and the download!
Posted on 07-19-14, 09:33 am in The Random YouTube thread! (rev. 1 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 07-19-14, 09:39 am)

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I think it's time for Mario time!
It's a bit stupid and sometimes slightly eye-seizuring,but I like it.

Posted on 07-22-14, 07:09 am in revived No name yet (rev. 4 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 08-12-14, 12:31 pm)

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From what I've read, this hack is a Paper Mario inspired one. There are some other "inspired-by-something" NSMB hacks lurking here at the NSMBHD, but I never saw a Paper Mario inspired one. Good luck on finishing it!

I played the 1-1 (that usually tell how the hack's level design is in general) and I've to admit that your level design reminds me the one of the SMB3 times. Not bad,sir...not bad. And talking about the tiles they look like the one 80s Mario platformers I that times the tiles were a bit darker than nowdays...maybe for the 8-bit...but maybe it's just for me.
EDIT:Though in the next levels like in 1-3, the level design got worse...floating rotating platform,die to get the 3rd starcoin,bob-omb inside a wooden block,random end-level castle tile placing and...half cutted brown mushroom decoration?

Be sure to test every technical part of your level...level design,functionality and appeal.
In that way you can get good quality levels. I'm not trying to be a smartass or to be rude...just reviewing this hack honestly and trying to give you a hand. *end of the EDIT*

Maybe these links will help for the graphical thing:

They have all the graphics of the most important games of the Paper Mario series (Paper Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and Super Paper Mario for the Wii) and since this talks about Bombette & co,I guess that all the enemies textures in PM should be included. But this is your hack and it's up to you to decide which graphics should be included in the game.
Posted on 07-25-14, 05:11 pm in v3.1 Super Mario Bros. - The New Worlds

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Posted by ray
Well one of them can block the path you want to go or just push you down from the first one

Man...this idea should be added to the wiki's "Clever level ideas" page.

BTW, it would be nice to see the level where are you going to put these double-block snakes in action. I mean...another preview of a World 8's level can't be bad.
Posted on 07-28-14, 09:32 am in New Super Mario Bros Easy (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:01 am)

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This post isn't intended to offend anyone...really.
Posted on 08-01-14, 08:32 pm in helpbug Level bug doesn’t let me play

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Posted by Darkie
Did you check on overlay 9_0 yet? Most of time overlay 9_0 cause the problem for game freeze or try to load the rom.

Actually I tested the game's not the ROM to freeze, but the level.

I guess that the problem is caused by a bad-setted entrance or something like that. Can't tell exactly what is it.
Posted on 08-05-14, 10:44 am in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 2 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 08-06-14, 06:26 am)

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Posted by TRS
Six more tilesets for now. It would be much appreciated if someone buffer posted, as I most likely will have more tilesets in the next 24 hours.

Well...if you don't mind I could do it for you...just send me the stuff that you need posted.
EDIT: Err...I didn't get the sense of what buffer post means, so ignore what I previously said, m'kay?
Posted on 08-05-14, 02:47 pm in Help/Question Asking Thread (rev. 1 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 08-05-14, 04:57 pm)

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Posted by Hiccup

I think?

I intended Peach's animation...but yeah, it's still in the map folder. Thanks.
Posted on 08-07-14, 10:23 am in tileset Winter Tileset

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Posted by Tierage
Added pockets and fixed 1x1 slopes.

I think it'd be cool if there were background things like the snowy trees without leaves or maybe like a small pile of snow.

You forgot to add snow behaviours to the top of the snow tileset.
Never mind. I did it for you...
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