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Piranha Plant

HP: 45
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DESC: "rattle"
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I switch my beach tileset theme to something else, ideas?

Edit: Got an idea. Mountain/cliffs
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WIP retro castle.
I need suggestions for new thingys!


It includes: Retro style castle blocks in 3 coulors, pillar BGO, Moving block (See W-1 tower) building pieces and classic style brick blocks to build your castles!
All this and nothing more, now available in both white and beige (Moving block, again) coulor palettes!
I wanna do something but meh.

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Working on castle tiles, liking it so far, now time to turn it into a 16x16 tile!
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I made a castle tileset oh well, yours looks a lot better
I wanna do something but meh.

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I think it'll come down to how they look when they're both done.

IIRC the original NSMB had two variations on the Castle tileset and NSMBWii/2/U had a lot of different tilesets so having two wouldn't be a big deal.
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I decided to work on a custom tileset, so this is what I came up so far:

In-game (+glitch BTW):

This is intended to be a grassy mountain tileset.
It's not complete though, decorations are still missing, hence why there's no download link.

Any thought on this ?
Posted on 11-02-14, 04:56 pm
Larry Koopa
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It's very bright for a mountain tileset.

I means, the grass is dark, the rest is all bright. Maybe you should make the ground darker. But the grass looks fine to me.

Also, you should maybe add more relief too, so it looks more like NSMB style.
Posted on 11-02-14, 06:43 pm

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To be fair, I tried to give a limestone feel, hence the bright effect, but yes I see what you mean.

Does this look NSMB enough ?


Now this tileset looks like it would fit a swamp better than it does a mountain, oops…
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I don't know if it fits, but it's very beautiful. Well done.
Posted on 11-02-14, 10:14 pm

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Here's something I did and I will share, I'm going to list all the tilesets who don't have randomized tiles:
1, 32, 41, 45 4, 59 17, 26, 28 18 21, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72 22 23 29 30 42 43 44 46 47 49, 62 55 58 61 63 65 74

Also, there are 4 oddities when it comes to randomization, the four underground tilesets (3, 35, 36 and 73) actually have 2 rows of randomized tiles !
The first one for tiles 0 to 5, as always, and the second one for tiles 48 to 53.
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Posted by Sharks
Does this look NSMB enough ?

I think the contrast is too high. The dark "vertical lines" are too dark in comparism to the other color.
Also, I'd make the grass thicker. It only covers the top pixels.
Posted on 11-03-14, 04:54 pm

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Dark vertical lines were lightened.
Suddenly I wanted to see how the tileset would look with brownish/autumnal grass instead.


Which version is the most visually appealing ?
Personally I prefer the brown grass variant.
Posted on 11-03-14, 05:42 pm

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I like the green version most.
Posted on 11-03-14, 06:32 pm
Roy Koopa

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Dayum that looks so good I actually like both a lot but the gras looks a bit blurry
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Posted by Freeze
I like the green version most.

Posted by ray
Dayum that looks so good I actually like both a lot but the gras looks a bit blurry

Why thank you
Funny thing is that I did this on a whim, no later than yesterday.
It's actually my first custom tileset made from scratch, maybe I manage to pick up quickly because I was doing this lately:

grassy terrain (dual version).nmt

To use with slot 73 since it uses double randomization.

About the blurriness, that was the effect I was going for, it was a challenge for me since I found it difficult to get the grass as right as possible (it was either that or it was going to look too pixelated, I chose the lesser of the two evils so to speak).

But hey, I can always change it and update the .nmt, this is why I always keep the .psd around just in case.
Posted on 11-03-14, 09:31 pm

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Ok thanks for the tileset. I updated the Tileset list with all your randomization info.
Posted on 11-04-14, 03:16 am

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Well, we can use both since we have multiple palettes available.

Both versions are really nice.

Since there's 2 palette left,
How about a snowy white/grey one?

Posted on 11-04-14, 11:32 am

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Short answer is someone else can do it but I won't, just to be a jerk, sorry Grid

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Now seriously I though about that but two problems arise:
_there's only 2 rows max of randomization, so the 6 first tiles of the 3rd and 4th palettes can't be randomized without having to take another slot available that could be used for a new original tileset;
_also I think we should avoid falling into the "palette-swap" trap, it is but an easy excuse to slap in more tiles than needed, I think 1 palette-swap is already pushing it but 2 or more is a no-no in my book, it deters from originality.

Just my 2¢
Posted on 11-04-14, 08:15 pm

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Well, more palette swaps are not unoriginal. I say more palette swaps so we can use the tiles in more levels to fit the theme they are.

But sure, if its too tedious/problematic, then no problem. The grass and orange ones are enough then

Posted on 11-04-14, 08:42 pm (rev. 2 by  MeroMero on 11-04-14, 11:01 pm)

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Wait, you gave me an idea, there's actually one case where the palette-swap can be of good use.

We can do a Vivaldi-themed level !

Maybe that's what you had in mind Grid ?

We already got 2 of the 4 seasons, we could use this template:
_spring: pink
_summer: green (used)
_fall: brown (used)
_winter: white

The colors are chosen as references to the Pokémon Deerling and Sawsbuck.

I say screw the colored grass on the randomized tiles, and I will replace them by a generic decoration.


Download link:
4 seasons.nmt
Um, yeah, since it doesn't need double randomization anymore,  Freeze can you move it to slot 31 please ? Sorry for the inconvenience I caused