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Posted on 04-20-14, 10:45 am

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I think a space theme would be pretty cool, and you need to scroll upwards instead of the standard left to right format. Jumping to different 'planets' with less gravity, and possibly a different ending, without the usual flag. I feel like it could even have a different Mario sprite, like him in a space suit. It is an idea that I think could be really cool for a Mario game like this.
Posted on 04-20-14, 11:10 am

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So,is it decided which themes each world will have? Looking at this thread,there are a lot of suggestions,but it was never stated what will the final world themes be. The first 4 worlds' themes have been already decided (looking at the levels),but what are the themes of the worlds 5-8? It would be good to decide this before we go on to make levels for these worlds so people can know what levels to make.
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