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Posted on 02-04-12, 11:10 am

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After opening Anvil Studio go to File and open the midi file and then you should find on Mixer:

If you want to do a loop go to piano roll editor(in View), with the right mouse button press of this button are:

After pressing you might just go this:

After doing this, you must choose how many times you want to do the loop:

Attention:This must be done for each channel using the same settings you used to do the loop of the channel 1.
If the loop does not sound good the song you can do it manually by selecting the content of the song in channel 1 and then go to Edit, where you can copy and Paste Mix:

For any questions go here:

After doing all go to File and select Export MIDI-Format 0 file...
This is all,to ask any questions here

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Could you please upload the pictures again? Thanks.
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You can use this tutorial.
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