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Posted on 02-19-12, 06:03 am
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Hmmm.. After a long time, here's the conclusion.
NSMBe (PC) - Can open that rom perfectly.
Emulator - can open
NSMBeDS - Can open that rom too
R4Ultra (In its menu) - can't open
So the problem is the flashcard I think.

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Posted on 12-05-18, 11:27 pm

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Hello all,

I tried this NSMBe editor, ran it on my flashcard, and it works fine. It edits levels fine. The only problem I encounter, and that's why I'm bumping this thread. (Sorry to the admins ).

Here's my problem: There's no way to actually add anything into the levels, for example, I want to add a Boomerang Bro into my level, there's no buttons for that. I suppose that's because Dirbaio didn't actually finish coding this project.

So, anyone who has used this editor on the DS, can you add sprites or is that feature not coded in?

Thanks a lot.
Posted on 12-07-18, 05:32 pm
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this thing is neat in itself but it's mostly a toy
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Posted on 12-07-18, 08:19 pm
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I wonder if this would work on nds-bootstrap. Then it'd be really cool.
Posted on 12-08-18, 05:03 pm

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Thanks staple for your answer. I'll stick to using the PC version.
Posted on 02-14-19, 03:49 pm
I like all of you!

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Now that would be pretty cool.
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