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Posted on 11-14-20, 05:32 pm

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Hello, so, i want to import a model (specifically replaze the Big Mario model) but i don't even know where to start.
I read some posts, and no, it's just a mario edited model, so i think the bones are not a problem.

I already have the model ready, in .obj file.

¿Can someone help me?, or at least give me a tutorial. I would really appreciate it!

Posted on 11-14-20, 11:02 pm

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Well there is no tutorial out there and iirc nobody actually has done it.

You can't just swap the model because each vertex of the model needs to be assigned to the bones which you cannot do without recreating the entire model file.

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You don't need to recreate the entire model file. Apicula can export NSBMD models with their bones in DAE format.
Bones are absolutely the problem here. The OBJ format doesn't support bones, and since you're using it I asume you're trying to use MKDSCM, which also doesn't support bones. Don't. You should use the NNS Blender plugins. Replacing the Mario model is something that hasn't been done very much, but it shouldn't be much more difficult than replacing any other rigged NSBMD model in the game.
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Posted on 12-13-20, 06:38 pm

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ill make a video on how to do it when ever i get everything working
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