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Heya, I'm new in here and wanted to get started on creating new levels. I want to use a preset level, since the guide I'm using ( suggests that I do so. This would be my first shot at making a level - or doing anything NSMB-Hacking related for that matter.

The level I intend to make is a vertical (possibly downwards scrolling), desert-type level. What levels could I use for that? Also, I'm not sure if this is worth noting, but I'm using Reggie! Level Editor Next for this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - especially for things that are to be considered in general when it comes to making levels. Thanks in advance.
Posted on 09-04-20, 12:05 am
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Level Editing is for NSMBDS. For questions about NSMBW, go to General ROM Hacking. I also really do not recommend doing what that guide says. It's much better to make levels completely from scratch. We can tell when a level follows the layout of a pre-existing level.
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