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Posted on 06-27-20, 01:51 pm

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I want to change the credits sequence to show my username in the credits, as well as change the special thanks. how do I do this?
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Posted on 06-27-20, 08:53 pm
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You can't, or at least nobody's really looked into it, You can, however, change the images used in the credits slideshow. They're enpg files in the file system that can be opened with NSMBe.
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Posted on 06-30-20, 10:29 pm (rev. 1 by  onlypuppy7 on 06-30-20, 10:30 pm)

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the enpgs mentioned by  poudink above are at the rom file browser at this path root>demo. if you are new to this, just think of them as pngs (btw only the area in the photo is shown in the credits, the transparent area is cropped even if you put something there.)
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