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Posted on 06-26-20, 08:43 pm (rev. 1 by Stefan The Coconut on 06-26-20, 08:43 pm)
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I just recolured Marios suit with his cap, but when he dies, his cap turn red. Can someone help me?
Posted on 06-27-20, 08:55 pm
Giant Red Paratroopa
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I believe that uses a different model or texture. Ray's toad had a similar issue.
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Posted on 06-30-20, 11:32 pm
Red Goomba

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Yeah both use diffret texture
Posted on 07-01-20, 05:19 pm
uncreative boi

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if i'm not mistaken it uses
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Posted on 07-01-20, 06:06 pm

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Deadhead, that sounds funny
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