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Posted on 06-18-20, 01:33 pm

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I have made a world map using Goombatlas but how do i export it to my rom hack? If I try "save as" I can only save it as a gbmap file, but if I try export as code it makes a .c file and wants me to replace a .k file.
Posted on 06-22-20, 04:39 pm

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There exists a tool like that? Wow! I would recommend editing the world map BEFORE editing levels. Thats just my idea, As I never heard of it nor used it.
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Posted on 06-27-20, 03:34 am
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idk what k file you're refering to but the .c file must be imported as a code hack with NSMBe's code compiler. you have to use an edited version of NSMBe for that which is linked in the first post of the thread. the unofficial NSMBe 5.3 works too. I really do not recommend editing the world map before the levels. Not only would it be probably better to make the world map after the levels have been set in stone, world map editing is one of the more advanced aspects of NSMB hacking and it's not the first thing you should be looking into when starting a hack.
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