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Posted on 08-31-19, 05:04 pm (rev. 2 by  iplaymario124 on 09-01-19, 03:47 pm)

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So I followed skawo's tutorial with no success. ( Basically, it said that the hex couldn't be found. He did say to use the r356 version of NSMBe, but I couldn't find it anywhere on here. I used the HxD hex editor for this. I would love some help, or if somebody has an xdelta or something already made with the patches "Save anytime (US)" or "Disable the opening cutscene" that would be even better.

Thanks, and if this was confusing, ask me a question and I will further elaborate.

Edit: I figured it out. I simply needed to search for hex, not text. Boy am I dumb.
Posted on 09-01-19, 01:28 am
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