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I ported the SMS/SMG/SMG2/Whatever font to NSMBDS. Only later found out that Newer DS already used Delfino, which is a recreation of Pop Happiness. Oh well, I guess this one can be considered slightly better since it's using the original Fontworks font that Nintendo used for their games instead of a recreation. And yes, this is Pop Happiness, despite what the filename may lead you to believe, not that it makes much of a difference when the letters are 11 pixels tall.

1. Extract arm9.bin from your rom.
2. Open arm9.bin and the nftr font in a hex editor.
3. Select from offset 341C4 to offset 3589B in the arm9.bin file.
4. Copy the entirety of the nftr file.
5. Paste it over what you selected in the arm9.bin file.
6. Save arm9.bin and replace the one in your rom with the one you just saved.

Other notes:
To edit the nftr file, use NFTREdit.
The nftr file I posted is LZ77 compressed. You will need to decompress it to open it with NFTREdit.
You must recompress with header the nftr file before inserting in in the rom.
Your edited nftr file must be 16D8 bytes long or less after being recompressed. If it's bigger, you'll need to get rid of some characters. I had to get rid of the japanese characters for my custom font to fit.
If your file is less than 16D8 bytes long, just add 00's at the end of the file until it is 16D8 bytes long.
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