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Posted on 07-30-19, 12:57 pm

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How do I get an image at the end of a forum post or reply like with a rom hack name?
Posted on 07-30-19, 03:02 pm (rev. 2 by  Skylander on 07-30-19, 03:04 pm)
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First, upload your logo in the uploader. Make sure it's in images, and that the background is transparent. once it's in the uploader, copy the link of it and then click "Edit Profile". Once there, go to "Post Layout" and your Footer is what you want to put the image on. Type your link between the two img tags and that will bring up your image on the footer. So that should let you have the logo of your hack on the bottom of each of your posts.

Example, here's mine:


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Posted on 07-30-19, 04:22 pm
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remember that your signature can't be taller than 200 pixels tho, so be careful
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