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Posted on 07-30-19, 12:42 pm
hopefully non-existent

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I figure this fit in level editing.

Anyone know how i could create a hubworld which takes me to different levels and areas abit like what mariofanatic64 did with endless earth.
Posted on 07-30-19, 04:31 pm
Giant Koopa

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you mean the toad network? you need to use the area overflow "glitch" (although it's actually not really a glitch). I don't know how it works tho. I couldn't find anywhere that explained it. what I do know is that if you do a hub world like that, all of your levels will be considered as a single level, so you won't really be able to have three star coins per level. that's why the stars in endless earth don't get saved.
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Posted on 07-31-19, 07:34 am

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what poudink struggled to say is, via the overflow you can only reach new areas while still being considered to be within the level you started from.
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