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Posted on 07-03-19, 02:26 am
Red Paragoomba
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The angry Sun of Super Mario Maker 2 It has dazzled on your Nintendo DS so splendid! , I created this texture for Newer DS Because I wanted to know how it could look like the Angry Sun of SMM2 But Wow that served Very Good! You can see how I am here and see a bit about the Angry Moon version:

There will be no links available for the moment, just demos until you design a stable version
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Posted on 07-03-19, 03:42 am
Buzzy Beetle

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tre3 z0N3

Posted on 07-03-19, 04:07 am

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Posted by Luigifan 191
until you design a stable version

no thanks
oh no
Posted on 07-03-19, 07:39 am
Red Goomba
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My eyes suffer in pixels now.
Posted on 07-03-19, 02:15 pm
Red Goomba
i exist... Woow :O

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That sun is too big, the head of Mega mario is smaller than that
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Posted on 07-03-19, 03:36 pm
Fuzz Ball

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It sucked in Mario Maker, and it sucks here lol

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Posted on 07-03-19, 03:40 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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did you somehow not catch on the wee little fact that everybody hates how the angry sun was redesigned in NSMBU style?
Posted on 07-03-19, 05:42 pm (rev. 1 by RicBent on 07-03-19, 09:20 pm)

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Happens when you try to copy something that was meant as a joke and take it seriously...

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Posted on 07-03-19, 05:42 pm
Red Goomba
Who needs a title?

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This is going far now...
Posted on 07-03-19, 10:32 pm

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Real talk, it only looks bad because Nintendo put minimal effort into it.
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