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Posted on 05-11-19, 05:53 pm (rev. 1 by Luigui3060 on 05-11-19, 05:55 pm)

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here you will find NSMB2 graphics taken from directly from NSMB2 thanks to the Ohana 3DS tool if you wish they can also contribute here.

Background Section

NSMB2 Mountains (Top)

NSMB2 Mountain (Bottom)

NSMB2 Volcanoes (Top)

works in slot 15 & 56

NSMB2 Volcanoes (Bottom)

NSMB2 Stalagmites (Bottom)

Graphic Section

NSMB2 Water

NSMB2 Toxic Water

NSMB2 Lava

Model Section

NSMB2 Star Coin (Normal)

Sorry no screenshot

NSMB2 Star Coin (Blue)

Sorry no screenshot

NSMB2 Boss Key

Sorry no screenshot

Coming Soon More
Posted on 05-11-19, 07:38 pm
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Posted on 05-13-19, 08:46 am

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Cool, but some textures, like lava, water and poisoned water are a bit strange
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Posted on 05-13-19, 03:09 pm

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It is not that they look strange, but that is the animation of water, lava and toxic water in NSMB2 if you do not watch a video of some gameplay or if you have the game and a 3DS compares the animations and you will see that both games share the same animation of water, lava and toxic water.
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