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Posted on 05-01-19, 12:40 am (rev. 2 by Luoon on 05-01-19, 12:42 am)

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Hi guys! I need your opinion on this first part of my level. Is good? I honestly am not good at level design, so I need to know what you guys think.

Thank you all
Posted on 05-01-19, 12:55 am
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it doesn't look bad, but it doesn't look good either. you don't seem to have any kind of gimmick, anything to make it interesting.
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Posted on 05-01-19, 02:34 pm

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I don't think it is possible to judge one's level design quality based on such a short section.
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Posted on 05-01-19, 04:40 pm

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the ideas at play are not bad (bridge section, additional patches of grass within the ground) but it's a tad amateurish, simply put.
the slope is more steep than it needs to be, the top too polygonal to look natural.

the spread of vegetation/decorations is fine, but we can't judge the second half of the level since it lacks both those and coins.

here's a tip that might come handy if you commit to make more: monitor how busy each part of your level is and keep it consistent. you don't want an area cramped and full of enemies, while another is bland with tons of empty space.

instead of filling the ground crammed of grass ledges right away, try to ease into it: slowly add more of them visible at once as the level progresses. two of 'em right off the bat is a bit much.
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