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Posted on 04-06-19, 04:34 am
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I'm not sure if there is any already existing way out there (besides with the use of Maya, which my trial for that is expired, plus, when I tried working with the Maya plugin it was super confusing and I didn't know how to even import or export nsbmds with it as I saw no additional options) to convert a boned DAE to an NSBMD, I'm currently trying to make a New Super Mario Bros mod and my last two steps to finishing it are being able to convert a DAE file to NSBMD and being able to ASM hack the game so that Mario stays shell Mario all the time. Does anyone have a clue on how I could do DAE to NSBMD?
Posted on 04-06-19, 12:03 pm
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You can't. Not without Maya. You'll have to crack it.
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You can convert a boned model from blender

I haven't released the converter GUI yet

Please contact me on Discord TheGameratorT#1850 and I can give you the converter
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