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Posted on 03-19-19, 11:45 pm

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so i was going to post my rom hack demo but i read the rules and one thing i saw was this rule "Completely original levels. Levels that look like then original levels are not acceptable." my rom is called new super mario bros classic edition and it takes levels from, Super mario bros 1, Super mario bros 2 (USA), Super mario bros 2(Japan), Super Mario Bros 3, and Super mario World, and i try and put them in NSMB. Does that violate that Rule?
Posted on 03-19-19, 11:56 pm
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no, it's allowed. some people will probably react with something along the lines of "unoriginal levels I hate your hack" though. personally I don't mind it.
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Posted on 03-20-19, 12:02 am
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well that's a roundabout response. you didn't even say why it's allowed.

"original levels" mean the original levels from the original game, NSMB.
meaning, you're not violating rules per se.

however, remakes are not exactly great. this is up to opinion, but you're just doing the tedious process of remaking stages while adding little to them, and remakes without implementation of matching assets (i.e. sprites) tend to be watered down versions of the stages from thier respective games.

if I want to play levels from a game, I'll play the game rather than a remake. because Nintendo keeps playing the nostalgia card and adding mario games from that era to thier virtual console section. on every single console.
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