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Posted on 02-20-19, 06:59 pm

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Hi. I'm new in this forum...
Today I wanna make an bootleg Mario Kart DS rom, but it's difficult!

I want to put Minty Zaki (an bootleg version on Mallow (Pokémon Sun and Moon charather) from the movie "Wreck it Ralph") im my bootleg Mario Kart DS. Anyone can help me?
Posted on 02-20-19, 10:47 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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>it's difficult

regardless of context, my reply to this is: learn.

that aside, this place isn't into MKDS hacking. you'd have better luck asking somewhere that is.
Posted by SGC
MKDS Hacking & Modding Server:

Posted on 02-21-19, 06:55 am

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@Thierry i mean ROM Hacking Mario Kart DS!
Posted on 02-21-19, 01:22 pm
Available on all current platforms.

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uh, yes, and that's what he meant too.
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