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Posted on 01-12-19, 04:37 am (rev. 2 by  Ninja NAH on 01-12-19, 04:40 am)
Red Koopa
Thank you

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As you may have noticed, I haven't posted on this site in a while. I've kind of lost interest in the hacks of this game. But that doesn't mean that you guys didn't leave an impression on me. I was extremely excited when I discovered this site because it meant that I found a group of people that expressed their love to my favorite console, the DS. I felt like I was talking to my friends that my real life friends didn't know about. I remember when I first got my DSi for my 6th birthday. I played that thing for years and years. I still pick it up sometimes. But now, I've discovered other ways to mess with electronics. I've hacked my Wii and SNES classic, and joined my middle school's robotics team where I made a ton more friends. I probably wouldn't have even considered joining if it wasn't for all of you. Sure, I'd made a bunch of stupid decisions that resulted in my ban. Twice. But I guess it was all for the better, you've all taught me to not... be dumb I guess. I guess what I'm saying is that you all helped me grow up for the past 1 and a half years. While you might be mostly gone for me in the future, this site won't be forgotten.

I might still look at the forums now and then and might occasionally post, but for the most part, I'll be missing.

Thank you everyone for the memories and the kindness,
N. A. H.
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Posted on 01-12-19, 05:43 am

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Seems like you've certainly had a good take away from this experience, that's always good.
It's fine to lose interest in something especially with things like NSMBDS hacking, because boyo this game sure is something.

Regardless it's always good to go out and try new things, so go out and have some fun.

Well good luck on all your future endeavors!
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Posted on 01-12-19, 05:46 am
Hammer Brother

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I was a bored boy. A Bored Mario fan boy. Wanted to make Mario levels. GOOD levels. Can't. Mario maker sucks Imo. Then I found this place.Ive been hacking Mario DS since spring of 2017 and whenever I needed help, I searched here. I finally made an account and I am a part of one of the greatest, generast, kindest people I have met.

Yes indeed, you guys are awesome. Thank you NinjaNAH!

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Posted on 02-25-19, 12:30 am
Red Koopa
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I just want to say that I was treating NSMBHD like Nintendo, you know, like a company that wants to know your every gaming whim and fulfill them for profit. I'm sorry for that.
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Posted on 02-25-19, 04:56 pm
I like all of you!

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It's okay. You're among friends.
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