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Hello everyone! I wanted to ask something.

I would like to have something I call the 3-Up Green Star, which will have the exact same properties as the 3-Up Moon from Newer DS. The 3-Up Green Star will obviously be a Green Star from Super Mario Galaxy, hidden in very few stages. I'd like to request a code for it if possible and apply it to replace one of the "Nothing" sprites or unused. If someone could make a .cpp file of it, that'd be great! Credits would be added, and I now know how to at least apply ASM code.

As always, if nobody can, don't sweat it.

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Supposedly Newer team is supposed to be releasing the ASM they used (or so I've heard). Though as of now, I don't think they have yet. So I would say your best bet is to wait until then
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So if you really want X thing, go learn ASM hacking and do it. We will help you learn and we'll help you in your goal, as long as its you who's doing it.

This is not a forum to request stuff.

And yes, WMC is working on it. Tho it seems to take him a bit longer than I expected
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