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Posted on 10-13-18, 11:09 pm (rev. 6 by egg salad on 10-23-18, 09:24 pm)
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this hack is a hack of the original game but you can only play as Luigi unless your in the 2-player feature this hack also includes features such as:

-customised world maps
-fully new tilesets with only a few of the old ones
-a multi-player feature (released as its own patch coming soon)
-improved graphics


world 1- 8/8
world 2- 9/9
world 3- 6/9
world 4- 0/10
world 5- 0/10
world 6- 0/11
world 7- 0/11
world 8- 0/12



-newer team

demo download:

(also if any bugs or glitches are found that i missed please report it so it can be fixed and also feel to leave suggestion or ideas)
Posted on 10-14-18, 08:08 am
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A multiplayer hack included? Been a while since I've seen one of these
I'm the only person on this board that hacked MvL before it was cool.

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Posted on 10-14-18, 01:26 pm
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NSMBU DS will have MvL stages

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Posted on 10-23-18, 08:34 pm

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Can you make a new patch because something comes out?
Posted on 10-23-18, 09:24 pm
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ok just tried a new one
Posted on 10-24-18, 05:25 am

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Now he does not want to patch me because he writes xdelta 3 error
Posted on 10-24-18, 09:14 am
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what do you mean what error is it and is it when importing the patch or in game
Posted on 10-24-18, 01:39 pm

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This is happening
Posted on 10-24-18, 02:37 pm

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That has to be the worst explanation of a problem ever.
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Posted on 10-24-18, 04:40 pm
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I'm guessing it's the generic, usual XD3_INVALID_INPUT error
Posted on 10-24-18, 05:23 pm, deleted by  Arceus: what?
Posted on 10-25-18, 08:43 am
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i just tried it and it works fine
Posted on 11-07-18, 07:57 am (rev. 3 by DeadSkullzJr on 11-07-18, 08:01 am)

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Posted by egg salad
i just tried it and it works fine

I can confirm there is something wrong with the patch. I used three different xDelta UI/GUI versions and NONE of them allowed me to apply the patch to the game. I get the XD3_INVALID_INPUT error when trying to apply the patch, mind you I also used a more up to date version of xdelta.exe from GitHub (last commit was August of 2017) and it didn't help the situation at all.

The dumps I tried to apply the patch to:

File: New Super Mario Bros. (USA).nds
CRC-32: 0197576a
MD4: cf3ad14f281eeb1c375feaf55072ee9c
MD5: a2ddba012e5c3c2096d0be57cc273be5
SHA-1: a22713711b5cd58dfbafc9688dadea66c59888ce

Dump verification:

File: New Super Mario Bros. (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).nds
CRC-32: f443f9bf
MD4: c496207e1b7ddd018c0fffd8e8003c13
MD5: 9b40c229313a024f5125513eaf73c084
SHA-1: b0f7886720e842ed922569e1bb5c39c0fa090331

Dump verification:
Info on the patch you provided:

File: new super luigi u the other adventure.xdelta
CRC-32: 5cbc8ccf
MD4: 1825f442baa4e6f59df6ac4f0d4d1861
MD5: 528f590b43f03dd80e4890d388adccc1
SHA-1: cdf2a3b72985e09636f7efb9c8e68b9fad8ad01c

I recommend you double check the ROM you created your patch from, either you are using a bad dump of the ROM or you created a patch for an already modified version of the game.

Also I checked the patch via a hex editor and found the title of the ROM you created the patch from "New_Super_Mario_Bros_USA_NDS-pSyDS - Copy.nds", this dump specifically is actually a proper dump (same dump I tried to apply the patch to), however since I was not able to apply it to what is supposed to be the same dump, my theory is you created the patch on a modified version of the ROM.
Posted on 11-08-18, 08:34 am
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