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Posted on 09-16-18, 10:28 pm

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So, I was going to work on a hack called Retro Mario and when I tried to open NSMBe5, it crashed. I tried many more times, same thing happened, I deleted and redownloaded it many time, but that didn't work, so I restarted my pc and opened NSMBe5 again. Same thing happened. What should I do?
Posted on 09-17-18, 12:08 am
Boomerang Brother

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I've had the exact same issue on my other computer. It USE to work on it but one day as I double clicked on it, it would not for the life of me launch. I reinstalled it like you did and nothing. I eventually just moved to another computer to work on my hack

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Posted on 09-17-18, 12:08 am

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this is my only pc

Posted on 09-17-18, 03:39 am

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Posted by TruelyJohn64
Easy fix:

Have hidden folders turned on (This will save you time with other problems down the road as well.)

Then navigate to C:/Users/(Whatevergoeshere)/AppData/Local and then proceed to delete the folder "NSMBe4"

Try this
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