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Posted on 09-07-18, 01:16 pm
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A Super Mario Sprite !!! The King Bill of Wii what we did not make it possible! what was missing from this model is that it was great but here we did it completely the same I hope you enjoy the texture it is downloadable here

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Posted on 09-07-18, 01:42 pm
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Very neat!

But as Crakong said, why don't you post all of your retextures on ONE thread? It would be easier that way. Plus, why upload the sprite files on Mediafire when you can use the uploader here?

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Posted on 09-07-18, 03:02 pm
W1 out :)

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Disagree to your first point: I think it makes afterwards search easier because the give thing is said in the title.
But Agree to your second one: Using the boards uploader guarantees the availability as long as this board is online
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