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Posted on 08-16-18, 05:58 pm (rev. 11 by  CraKong on 09-10-18, 10:54 am)

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The title is most likely a placeholder. Anyway, this is a 1-World hack that contains 8 main levels (World 1) which are long but not boring, believe me. There are some bonuses as well.
-Level List-


-Creator Notes-
Clip Compilation:

Wanna help me with a little thing?:

Currently looking for some who wants to help with music and ASM hacks!

This is a little thing I started doing out of boredom, as before I was creating a hack called ''Odyssey DS'', but that required a lot of time and effort, ASM hacks, tilesets creating... So it is most likely cancelled. Luckly I never posted it here. That cancelled hack is the main reason why got all the tilesets from the post ''Rips from Newer NSMB'' instead of creating my owns. Except of the Alpha NSMB one, I got that one from the hack ''NSMB Alpha Replica''. All credits will be properly given once I release the thing. Thanks.
Posted on 08-16-18, 06:26 pm
That MvL Hacker

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This looks pretty good! Keep it up man
I'm the only person on this board that hacked MvL before it was cool.

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W1 out :)

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Looks good and I like the idea of this hack! Looking forward to this

New Super Luigi DS v1.0///// YT (mostly music/remixes)
Posted on 08-18-18, 02:09 am
Red Paragoomba
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I do not see the date this comes out, this incredible I really love the tileset and great level design, I hope you release a playable beta

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Posted on 08-28-18, 12:22 pm

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A video got released! It's not a trailer, more like a clip compilation.
Posted on 09-22-18, 08:01 am

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Posted by CraKong
A video got released! It's not a trailer, more like a clip compilation.

Hey I applied the patch to this dump here:

File: New Super Mario Bros. (USA).nds
CRC-32: 0197576a
MD4: cf3ad14f281eeb1c375feaf55072ee9c
MD5: a2ddba012e5c3c2096d0be57cc273be5
SHA-1: a22713711b5cd58dfbafc9688dadea66c59888ce

Dump info confirmed to be proper as seen here:

I was NOT greeted with any sort of errors while patching, here is the dump info of the patched ROM.

File: Nutshell Super Mario Bros. (v1.0) (USA).nds
CRC-32: 30cb65a7
MD4: 9679379daec4ab1a51fd994758e35c55
MD5: 96e5e25fb37c49084fd7d63ccbd8193b
SHA-1: 8cd98402e795b69b5823bef9a35399dce5cab47e

I used NSMBe Beta 5.2 - build 379 to patch it. For whatever reason DeSmuMe nor MelonDS seems to boot the game at all, I didn't bother to test it on a flashcart because I doubt it would work on it if it doesn't already work on emulators.

Here is the info of the patch itself:

File: Nutshell.nmp
CRC-32: 987efc92
MD4: 66ca337bda02f1952d4f11ba8c6facc7
MD5: 15bd6b0ab81fc31a446efeb96fd2fd51
SHA-1: 0ab132bfb1e057d5dd12c53cf11f6080aea74ec0
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