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Posted on 08-08-18, 02:41 am
Red Goomba

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I was Wondering if there is a way to remove the Red ? Block that flies from level to level on the world map. Not a way to remove it from the level cause that's easy with the NSMBE5 but how to remove it from the map. If there is a way please tell me.

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Posted on 08-12-18, 01:22 am
Giant Goomba

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I guess try changing its texture to a transparent one
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Posted on 08-12-18, 03:31 am
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you can always replace the model by an invisible one but this won't remove the noise nor the delay on the world map.
Posted on 08-12-18, 03:37 am
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You could try deleting the noise and the animation files but that could crash the game. ASM is probably the way to go.
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