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Posted on 08-05-18, 10:43 am
Official Account of the Austrian YouTuber JakobTV! [WORKING ON A HACK]

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Hello guys I'm currently working on a New Super Mario Bros. DS fangame and I replaced two songs with DS Sound Studio. But now I can't replace songs! When I replace them the song is muted and ingame is nothing to hear. Please help me!

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Please don't post this in the Tutorial subforum.

Also your problem isn't too clear. You're saying you were able to replace songs in the first place but now you can't anymore?
Posted on 08-05-18, 12:24 pm
Official Account of the Austrian YouTuber JakobTV! [WORKING ON A HACK]

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Sorry I'm new here. And this is my problem I don't know why but it doesn't work anymore
Posted on 08-05-18, 01:21 pm
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Have you tried using the DS Sound Studio player? Double click on a song and it will play it. Also, it will need a new soundbank and wave file.

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Posted on 08-05-18, 01:27 pm
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First, try to describe your problem as good as possible. Describe what exactly you did, what files you used and so on.

Besides that, I would recommend reading the existing Music Hacking guides to get further understanding of what you are doing.
Older guide:
newer guide:

Due to the fact that i don't use DS Sound Studio for music and sound hacking I can't tell you what causes this for sure. But my guess would be that you replaced some essential files. Or you changed the settings of your track (maybe set their volume to 0 or something like that).
Try using a clean SDAT file (Sound Database) and replace again. Maybe that will help.

@Skylander that might be a possible solution too. I would try that first and see if that helped
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