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Posted on 07-29-18, 10:49 am

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Please help me!
I'm using windows 10 version 1803 and middtoseqq will not work!
Posted on 07-29-18, 11:51 am
swamped with work

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do you even know how to use it?

how did you try to use it?
Posted on 07-29-18, 02:23 pm
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I tried using it, the window would pop up then close really quickly. Even running as administrator doesn't work for me

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Posted on 07-29-18, 04:26 pm (rev. 1 by RicBent on 07-29-18, 04:26 pm)

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Because that is exactly what midi2sseq is supposed to do.

If you drag a midi onto it it converts it for you.
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Posted on 07-29-18, 07:11 pm
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Another (and my favorite) way of converting midi to sseq is using Nitro Studio because from the things I tried, Nitro Studio's built-in version of midi2sseq worked the best for me (and if something isn't working you get an error message, meaning you know when something goes wrong)
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