What should we do with this?
Reboot. Trash everything, start clean.
Reboot. Continue with what we have.
Leave it like this.
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Posted on 06-30-18, 08:15 pm
Red Paratroopa
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Posted by StapleButter
restarting is more than just saying 'hey let's restart this'

As Staplebutter said: It's more than saying "Let's do this". I guess if anyone thinks the CR needs a reboot, he/she should just do a level and upload it in the levels section. Just make sure you are using one of the tilesets given in the tilesets thread.

I just started making an Autumn level and will upload it once it's finished.
Showing that we are still interested in this can be done the best by actually doing stuff.
Posted on 06-30-18, 08:44 pm
Now part of NSMBHD for more than 2 years. Time flies.

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Alright then, I'll start working on something. Hopefully it turns out good.
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Posted on 08-07-18, 04:36 pm

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Alrighty, I'm in. Will start to do something, maybe I will do it good.
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Posted on 08-09-18, 03:52 am
Extra Team Developer

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I hope that if we reboot its soon because i would love to help make this but would like to wait if we are going to reboot
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