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Posted on 06-21-18, 06:17 pm (rev. 1 by TheTimebreaker on 05-16-19, 05:07 pm)
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The Ruins of Alph from HG SS can't be copy/pasted from the original DS game because the .SWAR file contains too much unnecessary stuff. If copy/pasted, most sound effects are not going to play.

I threw out everything this theme does not need and now sound effects are working (of course I couldn't test every single sound effect. If you face a situation where sound effects are not or only partially playing, please tell me!)

I do not post this into the Free-to-use-SSEQ thread because I'm not sure if themes using a non-NSMBDS bank and Wave are allowed there. (If an admin or the creator of that thread thinks i can post it in the Free-To-Use-SSEQ thread, tell me and ill post it there.)

You don't have to credit me for using this because it's originally made by Nintendo and I just deleted stuff. If you want to credit me, I can't stop you, anyways.

This track sounds like:

And can be downloaded (zip-archive): here
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Posted on 05-16-19, 10:41 pm
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well I posted a song there with a fully custom bank and nobody seemed to mind (well in need of another update too, wasted a bunch of place with 44000hz samples even though the DS plays them back at 32768hz)
Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

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