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Posted on 05-15-18, 08:42 am
Red Paragoomba
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Some days ago a guy uploaded a video about isle delfino in Super Mario Odyssey.
Do you guys think its fake? Legit?
Posted on 05-15-18, 10:27 pm
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my uncle who works at nintendo said it was real
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Posted on 05-15-18, 10:30 pm

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Cmon. Not even considering all the other facts that this is totally fake, nobody just only posts a few seconds about something like that if he gets his hands on it.
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Posted on 05-15-18, 11:18 pm (rev. 1 by  Ninja NAH on 05-15-18, 11:19 pm)
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This vid basically completely proves its fake

Also, personally, I would rather have a sunshine remake than odyssey DLC
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