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Posted on 08-25-22, 05:28 pm

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Posted by Igor180
Dude I completed the game just fine, the only glitch I found was that rope one.

Wait what are you playing on? I'm using a 3DS with nds-bootstrap.
Posted on 09-09-22, 10:01 pm

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I started your hack today. Looks promising... let's try it!
Posted on 10-31-22, 01:33 am
Giant Paratroopa
Cream Cheese King

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I need to release version 1.10... I just haven't gotten around to doing it. There's a few more issues still than the ones mentioned in 1.09. Im just lazy

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Posted on 10-31-22, 04:06 pm

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Wish you would create a remake of this along with same style hack for the other two NSMB games but you said you wouldn't do it so I'm not gonna be dreaming about it.
Posted on 11-05-22, 02:37 am

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Man I just tried and it’s amazing , the backgrounds are so nice
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