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Posted on 02-26-18, 10:19 am
Banned: Rereg #2. bye bye

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Hello world !
Today I present to you a new hack ; a new Mario Land for the Ds.
It is actually in development.
Sorry for bad language , we are french .
The koopa team
Posted on 02-26-18, 10:42 am
Will never finish a hack

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A hack with this title already exists
hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 02-26-18, 10:43 am
Banned: Rereg #2. bye bye

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It is a new story new level and new characters .
Posted on 02-26-18, 10:52 am
Red Cheep-cheep
Beyond DS and Project Tape

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The name has nothing to do with the hack's content. Unless this is canceled, you would need to choose a new name.

Besides, the staff here do not accept threads with no screenshots. It would be nice of you to add screenshots.
Check out these awesome hacks! Beyond DS is now my major hack!
Posted on 02-26-18, 10:53 am
We do what we must because we can

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