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Posted on 02-22-18, 05:53 pm

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I know this is not NSMBWii hacking site, but since I dont know what is, I decided to ask this here, so my custom level in Reggie doesn't allow more than one path, if I add another one the level wont save until I get rid of that one, any help?
Posted on 02-24-18, 01:49 pm
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Posted on 02-28-18, 03:25 am
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I haven’t used that editor in a while so forgive me if I’m wrong, but are you sure you’re using a normal path and not a progress path? Don’t think you can have more than one progress path.
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Lol. NSMBW has no progress bar and such no progress paths

Edit: Putting tons of tags and caps in the thread title doesn't get you more attention btw.
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Posted on 02-28-18, 08:10 pm

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