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Posted on 01-14-18, 06:49 am
Red Goomba

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Hello everyone
So whenever I create the patch for my ROM Hack I always bump into this issue.
After building the .NMP, it appears where I wanted it to and it says Finished! in the log this happens:

It just stops. The window stays open and the progress bar doesn't completely fill the entire bar. No matter how long I leave it it stays this way. Here's the log:

I am using NSMBe 5.2 build 379 (branch master whatever that is idk if it's important)

If this is intentional then I would change it to a suggestion and suggest the window closes and instead a warning box appears telling you that it is done.
Posted on 01-14-18, 06:51 am
Red Paratroopa
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i have a bit offtopic question, do you have any asm hacks in your hack? because if so then you should not be using nmp patches on it.

but back in topic: there is nothing strange about it, it just don't close automatically :V
Posted on 01-14-18, 05:05 pm
Giant Red Paratroopa
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It is intended, though I can already tell the patch is not going to work.
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