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Posted on 01-10-18, 06:55 pm

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I want to add a new World in NSMB, for example a special World 9. But now it’s the question it’s possible to add a new World. (don’t change a existing world)
I know that is easier to make a new World in NSBM Wii but I wan’t to add a special world in NSMB DS.
I think if it is possible then it will be very difficult.

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Posted on 01-10-18, 07:14 pm

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Not possible without major hacks.
All of the stuff is hardcoded. Tho I assume it would be enough replacing all the table the game uses to add worlds.
Would still require a ton of work and I doubt anyone will do it soon.
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Posted on 01-11-18, 01:22 am
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You could actually have a world 9 by replacing the second part of world 8. There is a way to make it display "World 9" instead of "World 8" on the bottom screen that doesn't require ASM ( and there is an already existing ASM hack that allows to change for the the level number in the loading screen before the level at will (the already existing level preview ASM hack). However you would have to create an ASM hack to add a World 9 icon to the bottom screen and to change the level number on the world map to be 9-X instead of 8-X.
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