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Posted on 07-29-17, 03:29 pm (rev. 3 by IsDaLuigiBest! on 07-29-17, 05:55 pm)
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Today i want to show my first Hack for NSMB:DS
i also make the 3ds home menu banner

World 1:10%
World 2 N/A
World 3 N/A
World 4 N/A
World 5 N/A
World 6 N/A
World 7 N/A
World 8 N/A
What i do in this hack
Toad instead of mario in LvsM
Replace Worldmap textures and nodes
Replace music to NSMBU music
Change UI Placement(i dont know how to do )
Rescue Daisy instead of peach))))))))
Force trying to put any character instead of Bowser Junior for example in 1-Tower
Disable The stupid intro(like some hacks i played on my NDSiXL(Red Mario 25th Aniviersarry)its dead )

I Think you like my first work!
Some screenshots from nsmbe5.2 beta and Reggie Next!
Level 1 gameplay soon
Posted on 07-29-17, 03:52 pm
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How do you want to remake another game, when you don't even delete the original level? That makes no sense to me.
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Posted on 07-29-17, 05:27 pm
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i love how 3/4ths of your screenshots are not even from your hack
Posted on 07-29-17, 05:32 pm (rev. 2 by IsDaLuigiBest! on 07-29-17, 05:56 pm)
Early Hacker :)

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Posted by Arceus
How do you want to remake another game, when you don't even delete the original level? That makes no sense to me.

I Porting All 80-90 levels from nslu since i have the legal copy of it
And First 3 screenshots is my game(hack)
Last pics is actual game
Posted on 07-29-17, 07:40 pm (rev. 1 by  Slackot on 07-29-17, 07:41 pm)
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Wrong place to post this. Also your tiles are broken, the Paragoombas are not good idea to replace the Waddlewings. I don't think the banner is going to work that way, you're making a DS game, you can't make a banner like that.
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Posted on 07-29-17, 07:48 pm
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I'd like to give some constructive criticism, but I don't even know where to start.

- an unnecessary remake of the wiiu dlc game
- a wierd logo with half-baked image editing
- cut grahpics and broken palletes
- ignorance of how background scroll and sprite sets work
- incorrect tilings (tileset limitations?)
- lack of blocks, coins and everything
- generally bland design using 'its a remake' as an excuse

you'd be better off making your own levels. I know how as a newcomer you're tempted to make unnedeed remakes, I have been too.

also, please work on your english. you don't seem to get where Arceus is coming from.

to be honest the way you capitalize certain words makes me suspect you to be a rereg (a reregistered account).
Posted on 07-29-17, 08:36 pm (rev. 1 by  poudink on 07-29-17, 08:37 pm)
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And the logo is stolen from Mario Silva's canceled hack: New Super Luigi DS.
EDIT: Why would you even make a 3DS home menu banner? It's a DS game, not a 3DS game.
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Posted on 07-29-17, 10:13 pm
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Yeah, this is pretty sad.

Make another thread once you have original content.
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